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Coming Soon – Wireless Chargers

Fine Art Photographs

Nature, wildlife and landscape photographs will be available.

Digital Art

A selection of the weird and wonderful digital art by the Anxious Artist will be available.

Photo Manipulation

Many of the Anxious Artist’s unigue photo manipulation artworks will be available.

About the Item

Key Features
Technology & Inks
Quality Control

Wireless charging is cool by itself, but these wireless chargers from AOA with their touch-free magic, are even cooler with their unique and beautiful designs. Discover our 10W personalized wireless phone charger that’s compatible with all the latest iPhone and Android models that are wireless charging enabled. Each charger is printed with high-fidelity sublimation technology and ships with a micro USB cable.

Material: Aluminium casing with acrylic faceplate
One size: 3.93″ (100 mm) in diameter, 0.3″ (8 mm) tall
Black base color
Includes micro USB cable
The latest printing techniques provide bright and crisp colors
Non-slip bottom keeps the charger firmly gripped to the desk or any other flat surface

The product goes through a dye sublimation process. Firstly the design is printed on heat-resistant transfer paper then the image is embedded into the item for a long-lasting print secured with a heat press.

Each item is individually inspected prior to shipping for print quality and positioning. Additionally, we inspect the item itself to ensure full and proper functionality.

Coming soon, so keep an eye out for the arrival announcement in the next few days!
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