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AOA Illustration Samples

Check out some examples of the Anxious Artist’s unique illustrations.

Apple Vector Illustrations

Made with the vector pen in the Adobe Fresco app before being imported into the Adobe Illustrator program for touch-up and export.

Strawberry Illustrations

Made in various styles with different types of pens in the Adobe Fresco app.

Check out more Illustrations from

the Anxious Artist, T Cameron.


Portfolio-Photo Editing

AOA Photo Editing & Manipulation Samples

A selection of samples of the Anxious Artist’s strange and beautiful photo manipulation and editing skills.

Check out more photo manipulation and editing from AOA Art & Design.



AOA Photography Samples

A selection of strange and beautiful samples of the Anxious Artist’s photography.

Featured Examples

Fine Art Photography

Stock Photography

Check out more photography from AOA Art & Design.


Portfolio-Graphic Design

AOA Graphic Design Samples

Check out some of these unique designs by AOA Art & Design.

The Anxious Artist has done all their own branding, including designing their own logo for AOA Art & Design.

Check out more graphic design from AOA Art & Design.

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