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Posts tagged as “illustration”

Digital Asset Design – Old School Lantern

This is an asset design I’ve been working on for a larger illustration. An old school lantern done in Adobe Fresco.

Old School Lantern design by The Anxious Artist.
Old School Lantern design by The Anxious Artist.
Watch how the Anxious Artist creates some digital magic.

Contact the Anxious Artist for more information @

The Anxious Artist has done all their own branding, including designing their own logo for AOA Art & Design.

All artwork, designs, and illustrations are the work of T Cameron. All Rights Reserved. 2021.

Perfectly Pear

A Digital Study of Pears

Part of my fruit study. These are all digital illustrations done in a variety of styles and pens in Adobe Fresco.

Apple Vector Graphics.

Part of the Anxious Artist’s fruit study, these vector illustrations were done in Adobe Fresco with the vector pen.

Apple vector illustrations by the Anxious Artist, T Cameron.
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